“Alyssa!! We want more blogs!!”

One of the biggest reasons I have silently realized about not posting during chemo, is that by blogging about it…I’d be reliving it again. I’m not going to lie, it was hell on earth. But I’m back now, and I have taken control!!

Here is my binder I will be using to keep everything in order. I could have done this from the beginning…but I wouldn’t have used it much. You would have thought this would be an incredible thing to have and to journal with daily. But like I said above, it took everything to remain positive and by documenting it, I would have relived the experience and sank into depression. Journalling is very effective and healthy for most people…but for certain things, I cannot do it. I AM NOW!!! WOO

Talk to you lovies soon!! And I do *MEAN* SOON!!

Leave me a comment below for what you would like me to blog about most or if you have any suggestions!!



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3 Responses to ““Alyssa!! We want more blogs!!””

  1. MOM says:

    This is great, I’m so glad you’re getting started again, because I KNOW it means you are taking control and also taking steps forward!
    One thing I’d like you to discuss, when you discuss chemo, is something I noticed each time I’d go with you. You start out the day of treatment so positive and so ready to tackle the demon that is cancer. As I watched you, as the hours of treatment went on, you’d get tired and quiet. Then on our drives home, you were quiet and sometimes tired, sometimes introspective. I know a lot of it was the result of chemo itself, but I also know a lot of it was, “WHAT? So this is the crap I have to deal with every week? Can I DO THIS NEXT WEEK again??”
    And you’d actually lose days after this….. until you started to climb out of the fog that is chemo/cancer. And then you’d be all ready to tackle it AGAIN.
    EVERY TIME, this amazed me that your faith was restored…. EVERY.TIME.

    • admin says:

      Very good, Mom!! I love that you remembered these little things. I know I should have journaled..but you’ll be able to help recharge my memory if need be! This will be a great post, and with the photos you took!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Welcome back! I SO enjoy reading your blog and sharing in your experience from afar. Since your last blog, our family has lost two people to cancer – my brother-in-law Gene and my Uncle Ed. Hearing from you again has raised my spirits and belief in the fight! Thank you for that!

    In reading what your Mom wrote, I wonder if you spent so much energy prior to chemo trying to be positive that that, combined with everything else, knocked you for a harder loop. A friend of mine always said that she wasn’t even going to bother to try to project a positive image before, during, and after chemotherapy. She just said it outright stunk, she knew it, and everyone knew it, so she was going to save her energy to battle the effects of chemo. Just a thought… Of course, if it is important to your own psyche to be positive for yourself and your family, then ignore the above. :-) You rock!

    Welcome back again, and I can’t wait to hear more from you!


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