Awareness Month

I want to start off explaining how much I love how everyone get’s so involved in the Breast Cancer Awareness month of October. There is an incredible amount of support out there. Schools, gyms, sports, organizations, fundraisers…the list goes on and on where the support comes from.

One thing we do have to keep locked into the back of our mind, is the harsh reality of what we are supporting. It’s wonderful to be decorated up in pink to show support, but we lose site of how breast cancer actually affects millions of people.

This is the harsh reality of breast cancer. This is me in this photo. It was taken after my double mastectomy

Make sure to be aware of the following:

Be ALERT: Once a month get familiar with your body while you are in the shower. Feel your skin and muscles and the texture they hold. Do this while standing up, leaning forward and lying on your back. Notice any changes in size, lumps, tiny amounts of bleeding, nipple changes or dimpled skin.

RESEARCH and know the FACTS: The American Cancer Society is THE ONLY site I recommend for being on top for research and having the FACTS correct –
COURAGE: You do not have to be unafraid to be courageous. If you do your research and know the facts on cancer, you are SURE to be STRONG with COURAGE!!!
SUPPORT: Give others support just by listening or telling them something you have learned about Breast Cancer. The survival rate has changed dramatically over the past couple years. Early detection is the best prevention, my friends!!!!
REALIZATION: Once you realize what cancer is, does and how it may affect you (your spouse, family or friend), calm down and know that there is NOTHING stress can do to fix it, but only make you feel worse. Confide in a survivor, friend, mentor, church or God .
REPEAT: Do all of the above once a month…EVEN IF you just had a mammogram last month

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    And brava for your braveness, Alyssa…

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