Hey guys!! WELCOME!!!

SO! Here it is – you are the first to be informed about the status and fight against my breast cancer!

I am so excited to get this blog going!! Serious as cancer, whatever! I’m pretty damn sure this will be behind me real soon, but with me for the rest of my life in another way! I love to joke and kid about “kicking cancer’s ass” and everything mean to say about it…but honestly, when I really think about it…these are MY cells. I’ll be kicking myself’s ass for mutating a horrible cell..over and over again. How do you wrap your brain around that? Honestly? My body was like, “Let’s make Alyssa even more awesome by making this super sweet NEW cell! YEAH!!! Oh shit…this isn’t working how we planned…STOP! STOP IT NOW…!! Oh no, you created 800,324,490 more cells……….”

This is a reason why I haven’t let it bring me down. Number one, I trust God has a plan for me. I’m comforted by that and whatever that outcome may be. Number two, you cannot beat yourself up for something you cannot control..and Number three, I’m helping countless people by sharing my story and being brave and as strong as I can be…I know there will be shitty days, sad days, horrible days…but I’m not counting on them. I am living simple. I have been learning by living in my moment.

So, as each day happens…I will be blogging about my journey. I will get very real and share photos many may not want to see. But I am directed by God and He is guiding my spirit :)


I love you guys! Thanks for your support!! Now go check out the rest of this site!!!

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi Alyssa, I lived in Bessemer MI for 18 years so I am familiar with Hurley area. I am so impressed by your story and how you are sharing it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last June and also had a double mastectomy. I’m 59 years old so although I am also HR positive, I did not need chemo. I also had cells in lymph nodes so had 28 radiation treatments. You are so right about “it’s not all about lumps”! I am also small and had dense breasts so difficult to see anything….I was ale to have immediate reconstruction, told them to work with what they had! When you begin your nonprofit, I would be honored if I could help in any way. God does have a plan for each of us. You will beat this!! Thoughts and prayers.

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